The theme for this year’s retreat is “Confidence!” Our purpose is to create or strengthen your confidence in God alone. In this post-truth age that we live in, so many have a hard time knowing what to believe. Even the Christian Church is under attack, resulting in millions who lack confidence, because their hopes lie in something other than Christ. The Lord teaches us to be confident and even to boast, not in ourselves, but in Him and His Word. 

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So many approach God’s Word subjectively, with the “well, that’s your interpretation” methodology. Is God’s Word open to multiple interpretations? How can we be confident that what we’re saying is correct? 

It is often easy to wonder, “Do I have any purpose? Do I have a role to play?” God shows us in His Word that He calls us each to different roles and vocations, and we can serve Him regardless of our station in life. 

How do you approach fellow Christians when they’ve sinned? What do you say? This type of confrontation doesn’t come naturally to us, but it is imperative that we do so. The Lord teaches us both to rebuke and exhort our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Christ calls us to a certain hope of eternal life through Him, although this hope rarely feels like a certainty. It is so easy  for us to have a “faith in faith” focus, when “faith in Christ” is what we need. When your faith is focused on Christ instead of how you feel, then your hope is certain. 

What about predestination? Do you ever wonder, “What if I’m not predestined to heaven?” We can become confused over this doctrine, but there is no need for confusion! This teaching is given to us as a reassurance of eternal life through Christ. 

This year's presenters:

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh


Aaron and Shannon Gullerud


Pastor Neal Radichel


Jer and Beth Gurgel

Seminarian Drew Naumann